Zawadi e.V. The special type of aid project

Who we are

We are a group of young people with personal and direct contact to Kenya, who have wish to start a special type of aid project.



We believe that personal engagement, ideas and creativity are more valuable than many. That’s why we are not asking for money but your time.

What we do

We help poor families in Kilifi, Kenya. Through our personal connection and direct contact we can deliver quick and unbureaucratic  help on site.


Our community helps with Medical emergencies, renovating houses, educational support, supporting small businesses, and difficult problems which need to be solved.

What you can do

Our basic idea is “Helping can be fun!” Many young people would like to help but are not able to make a monthly binding commitment.


All of you are welcomed to join us. You can contribute through your ideas, your small projects, your time, your contacts. Learn more here……