we need you!

Many people would love to help, but they don’t want binding commitiments or they don’t have the financial means  to do so.


All these people are warmly welcomed to Zawadi. We are a special type of aid project running under the motto:


Helping can be fun!


How can you help?

  •   You could organize an event (a flea market, a concert, or organize a presentation,……) and make collections for Zawadi.
  • You could donate your time and distribute flyers, popularize the project on social media, or talk to friends and acquintances about Zawadi etc..
  • You could be a member of our community and actively participate in bringing ideas.
  • You can attend our events, bring some friends with you and together we have a lot of fun.
  • You could volunteer to go on site and help there.
  • And of course you could simply offer financial assistance.